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InternetSpeech is the premier Audio Internet Technology Provider. We provide easy access to the World Wide Web with the most natural interface - your own voice. Access is provided via any phone, and information on any web site, whether voice-enabled or not is available. A computer is not required. The company's products and services are top quality, user interface is second to none and information is accessed at a superior speed.

The company will provide products and services directly to targeted customers through local and toll-free numbers. It will also partner with other providers (conventional ISP companies, wireless communications, telephone service providers, etc.). It will offer customized versions of its products and services to OEM’s, resellers and large corporations.

The company intends to strengthen its promotion and distribution capabilities through alliances with various phone companies who provide toll-free numbers, and phone manufacturers. The company will also pursue strategic alliances with conventional ISP companies to provide services helping customers who have computers or Internet appliances, yet prefer a voice-based interface.

InternetSpeech provides Internet access to Anyone, Anytime, Anywhere, using Any Phone. InternetSpeech will remain a leader in the audio ISP field. To do so, it will steadfastly focus on product development and introduction, remain innovative, and replace its own products with improved versions in a timely manner before competitors get there.

InternetSpeech is a California corporation, founded in 1998.

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