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Executive Summary
InternetSpeech develops and markets leading Voice Internet technology, netECHO®; that provides businesses and consumers complete anytime, anywhere voice-based access to the Internet and Intranet. Access is provided via any phone, to information on any web site, whether or not that site has been “voice-enabled.”

netECHO’s patented technology translates, in real-time, web content in any common markup language and speaks the content over the phone. Navigation and data input is done using one’s own voice, thereby avoiding the shortcomings of typing into a telephone keypad.

netECHO is sold into three distinct market segments, namely, Consumers (mainly through Service Providers), Businesses and Governments.

Today’s telecom business has seen recent growth, especially in bandwidth infrastructure for long distance (LD) and data. The market is currently experiencing strong growth in the wireless segment as mobile devices prove to be very popular with both consumers and business. U.S. Bancorp Piper Jaffray reports an expected growth from 500 million wireless subscribers today, to more than 1 billion by 2003. An evolving market segment is “Internet anywhere,” and many companies are trying approaches to present viable products for this market. One approach is Internet access over wireless devices such as cell phones with a screen. However, this method has inherent limitations such as small screen size, lack of a keyboard, the need for a special device (web-enabled phone), the need to rewrite and maintain a special website, and severe bandwidth constraints using wireless data transfer protocols.

Another approach that is becoming popular is voice-based limited Internet access, which overcomes all of the limitations of the wireless data devices but one; they still limit access to the few sites that are re-engineered for voice. They typically deliver content such as news, weather, horoscopes, and stock quotes, etc. over the phone. These companies are called “Voice Portals.”

Our solution, which presents a third option, gives customers all of the benefits of the voice portals, yet has complete access to the entire Internet without limitation. With our Voice Internet technology netECHO, anyone can surf, search, send and receive email, and conduct e-commerce transactions, etc. using their voice from anywhere using any phone, with the more freedom of movement than a standard Internet browser which requires a PC and an Internet connection.

Our technology helps Service Providers, Businesses and Governments:

  • Complement your products & services adding new source of revenue
  • Provide the most comprehensive voice based Internet
  • Attract more customers and retain existing customers
  • Make your Web-based information and transaction capabilities available to your customers via phone
  • Minimize call center costs and add 24 x 7 service
  • Provide cost effective tools and anytime/anywhere remote access of your system to your busy executives and mobile workforce

    You have the option to host the netECHO server in-house or with a third party hosting company. We customize the service or application the way you want to satisfy your customers’ needs. We can also provide a turn-key technology platform and the infrastructure for the service.

    For Service Providers - All the ease of a “Voice Portal,” plus unlimited access to the Internet.

    Our product, netECHO, based on our patented technology offers the following Voice Internet and Voice Portal features: ·

  • Surf and browse the Web ·
  • Email (send, receive, compose, copy, forward, reply, delete and more) ·
  • Search the Web ·
  • Voice Portal Features such as News, Weather, Stock Quotes, Horoscopes and more.

    For Businesses - Automate the process of voice enabling your applications with significant saving in time and money and avoids the need of re-writing your website or application.

    NetECHO can be easily adapted to automatically voice enable industry vertical and horizontal applications including e-commerce. NetECHO also supports the needs of e-commerce companies for buying, selling, and other online transactions like a visual browser but using voice. To voice enable such applications, netECHO is customized with a form transaction capability, and communicating with an existing back-end applications. A few example applications are:

  • Airline reservations and tracking
  • Package tracker
  • Reservations
  • eCommerce
  • Customer service
  • Alert service
  • Order Confirmation
  • CRM Applications

    For Governments - Automate the process of voice enabling e-Gov applications with significant saving in time and money and avoids the need of re-writing your website or application. Key benefits are:

  • All key benefits for Businesses Plus
  • Easy Accessibility to all Government contents
  • More efficient communication between Government and citizens, Government and businesses, and between Government departments.
  • Meeting Government obligation to bridge the Digital and Language Divides (with automatic translation of Internet content from English to any other language and vice-versa.), and providing Internet to elderly, visually impaired and blind people in a very simple and cost effective way.

    netECHO’s multimodal capability gives the service a long life span. In addition to the above mentioned applications, it can be integrated with cell phones’ graphical browser for multimodal operation - rendering web contents to cell phone screen, thus creating a more effective and practical MicroBrowser implementation. The advantage of this mixed media approach is that any website can be accessed in realtime by a Microbrowser without rewriting the web content with another language like WML(Wireless Mark up Language). netECHO can also be integrated with other advanced Internet-on-demand and wireless device applications - providing an effective interface means to interact with computers and electronic appliances.

    For more information please visit our website Marketing White Paper and refer to the Industry white paper Industry White Paper.

    Technology Overview
    The netECHO platform acts as an “Intelligent Agent” (IA) located between the user and the Internet (Figure 1). The IA automates the process of rendering information from the Internet to the user in a meaningful, precise, easily navigable and pleasant to listen to audio format. Rendering is achieved by using Page Highlights (a method to find and speak the key contents on a page), finding right as well as only relevant contents on a linked page, assembling right contents from a linked page, and providing easy navigation. These key steps are done using the information available in the visual web page itself and proper algorithms that use information such as text contents, color, font size, links, paragraph, and amount of text. Artificial Intelligence techniques are used in this automated rendering process. This is similar to how the human brain renders from a visual page; selecting the information of interest and then reading it.

    The IA includes a language translation engine that dynamically translates web contents from one language into another in real time. Thus, a Chinese speaking person can ask to surf an English website in Chinese - the Intelligent Agent would access the English website, extract the content of the website and translate it on the fly in Chinese and read it back to the user in Chinese.

    The platform incorporates the highest quality speech recognition and text to speech engines from third party suppliers.
    Let’s Get Started
    We would like to forge a strategic relationship with you to address the opportunities outlined above.
    Call us toll free today at 877-231-9286 or send Email at .
    Location 5942 Foligno Way, San Jose, CA 95138, U.S.A.
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