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Apart from Voice Internet technologies, we also provide Professional Services, Technologies, Solutions and Products in various areas of engineering and research with focus in Voice Recognition, Voice/Visual Dialogue, MMI/HMI (Man/Human-Machine Interface), Rendering, Intelligent Agent/AI (Artificial Intelligence), Machine Learning, Data Mining, Big Data, Natural Language Processing (NLP), Natural Language Understanding (NLU), Conversational Systems, Intelligent Systems, Bioinformatics, System Integration, Automation, Algorithms, e-Commerce, and e-Services including e-Gov, e-Learning, e-Health, & e-Farming.

Exploring new technologies and businesses
We explore new technologies and businesses, especially, in the areas of help Understanding Biological System, Understanding human brain / brain inspired algorithms and using them to develop smarter Intelligent System / Artificial Intelligence (AI) to solve many practical problems currently unsolved or inefficiently solved (e.g. Natural Language Understanding, Machine Vision, and modeling Biological Systems). We have developed a Semantic Engine using Brain-Like Approach (SEBLA) which is a Core Engine for NLU, Big Data, and Intelligent Agent. These, in turn, are the 3 core technolgies of the Intelligent Internet (IINT) - the future Internet which is something that can provide very specific, more precise and direct information in a very easy way so that anyone including an illiterate person can access and use it at ease. These technologies have attractive applications including Intelligent Search, Question Answering System, Summarization, Buisness Intelligence, Analytics and more.

For example, wouldn't it be nice to say or type "show me all the pictures from last Saturday party" on a browser and get all the requested pictures from Facebook? Or do specific transaction like "I would like to buy the following book - Artificial Intelligence by Stuart Russel, 3rd edition; please use my credit card on file and ship it to my home address" and receive the requested book on time? Or ask a question and get a specific answer? Or get summary of an article"? Or get a much better prediction from a BI (Business Intelligence) or Analytics software? In fact, these are the features that IINT is driving.

We see clear trend that “Intelligence” will remain a very important element in many applications, solutions, products and services. We are committed to remain a leader in this area and drive the “Intelligence” driven world by providing “core technologies and solutions”. We keep our eyes open for all key new technologies so that we can keep on providing best results for our customers.

The importance of “Intelligence” also fits very well for the developing world, focusing on Design for the 90% - most of today’s designs are done mainly for consumers / enterprises that can easily afford to buy it. That, unfortunately, covers only 10%-20% (max) population. With enterprises (as well as consumers) growing fast in the developing countries, we would need to design stuff to serve the remaining 90%. In this regard, in addition to the key factor of cost, we would need to focus on language, culture, easy-to-use aspect and the like. This market can be very huge. Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a handy tool to drive cost down and make products/services easy to use.

Our “core competencies” in Artificial Intelligence, Rendering, Language Understanding/Processing, and Big Data / Data Science enable us to deliver Very Efficient and Low Cost Intelligent Solutions to various customers around the world.

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