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Give Your Web Site a Voice - New Enabling Technology from InternetSpeech Offers Phone Access to Your Government Web Site and E-Government Applications

Let the general public interact with your government Web site, from any phone, without a computer using voice Internet technology from InternetSpeech.
The META Group states, "Governmental organizations are addressing e-government requirements by increasingly exposing government services to constituents on the Web, but are forced to acknowledge the reality that large sectors of their constituents, especially among individual citizens, do not have Internet Access

Extend the accessibility of e-government to anyone with a telephone-not just those with traditional computer-based Internet access. InternetSpeech can make your government Web site content available to callers who like using simple voice commands to get the information they want, or who may not have access to a computer. * From Intelligent Content: A Government Imperative, A META Group White Paper

Resolve accessibility issues-make it easy for anyone to gather information and interact with government.
InternetSpeech provides a very cost effective solution to the accessibility dilemma being addressed by federal agencies under the Government Performance and Results Act (GPRA). Telephone access to the Internet also provides an attractive means to satisfy the requirements of Section 508 of the Rehabilitation Act. InternetSpeech removes the financial hardship and eases the implementation of Section 508 because voice Internet technology enables access to the Internet at a much lower cost than alternative solutions.

Save time and money over existing alternatives.
Today, only the largest organizations are making their Web sites telephone-accessible because existing technology requires a manual, costly and time-consuming process to rewrite each Web page to make it voice-enabled. With InternetSpeech, your existing Web pages are used, allowing you to leverage your Web investment. The software dynamically converts existing pages into audio format, significantly lowering the up-front investment a business must make to allow users to hear and interact with their Web site by phone. Maintenance costs are also lower because InternetSpeech automatically updates the information in audio format as it is being changed on your organization's Web site.

If you would like to learn more about how InternetSpeech can help give your Web site a voice, contact InternetSpeech at 1-877-312-4638.

InternetSpeech develops, markets and supports an Audio Internet Browser, netECHO™, which provides audio-based telephone access to the Internet for governments, businesses, and individuals.

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