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Unleash the power of the Internet with the sound of your voice.

You need a computer to surf the Web or check your e-mail, right? Not anymore!

netECHO® lets you use the Internet, simply and conveniently, with any phone. No computer or special phone needed.

    Just dial a phone number and tell netECHO you'd like to:

    • Surf (any Web site)
    • Search (for information)
    • Check e-mail
    • Conduct e-commerce
    • or listen to on-line music or Internet Radios

    While "on-line," use simple voice commands such as "Yahoo," "News" or "e-mail" to get to the information you want.

    Breakthrough technology translates the requested Web Page information into text, and reads it out loud to you - minus those annoying banners, ads and images you see when using a computer to access the Internet.

    Imagine driving down the road and having your e-mail read to you through your cell phone. Or being able to check on the weather, request a stock quote or buy a last minute gift.

    netECHO is perfect for:

    • Mobile professionals, who need quick access to information while on the go
    • People without a computer, who recognize the value the Internet, but are more comfortable with a telephone than a computer
    • The visually impaired,blind and elderly people who find that the visual, computer-based Internet experience doesn't always meet their needs

    netECHO gives you quick, audio access to the information you want, when you want it.

    With netECHO, using the Internet is as simple as picking up the phone.

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