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Benefits of
Licensing InternetSpeech Voice Internet Technology

Voice Internet Licensing Will Allow You

  • Obtain legal Rights to Provide Internet Contents Over Any Phone as our Voice Internet technology is Patented (U.S. Patent No. 6,606,611).
  • Significant (5x or more) cost saving in Development as there would be no need to maintain two applications - one for Voice and one for visual Access.
  • Significant (5x or more) cost saving in Maintenance.
  • Automatic Access to all web based appliaction; No Need to Voice Enable each application separately.
  • Pioneer in moving stand alone IVRs to Next Generation Web based IVRs.

Conatct Information

About InternetSpeech:
InternetSpeech is the leader in voice Internet technology. Its voice/audio browser, netECHOŽ, provides consumers, businesses and Governments complete anytime, anywhere voice-based telephone access to the Internet. The company's patented technology can be bundled with other products such as traditional computer-based Internet access, location-based services, or visual micro browsers. InternetSpeech also offers business software that automates the process of voice-enabling a company's Web site and applications in any language, furthering the development of a globally-connected voice Internet. InternetSpeech, a privately held company headquartered in San Jose, Calif., launched netECHO in November 2000. For more information about InternetSpeech, visit, or call 408-532-8460.

netECHOŽ is a registered trademark of InternetSpeech.

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