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What is netECHO™?
netECHO's capabilities include: 

    Surfing and browsing the Web
    • netECHO allows you to access the vast information on the Internet, without a computer. You can use your own voice, via any phone, to explore the Web. netECHO’s intelligent agent  “reads-out” the information on selected Web sites.
    • You can access your Web based email account, using your own voice. netECHO's intelligent agent  “reads-out” the text of your email, providing you instant access to critical information, anywhere, anytime. You can also compose, delete, reply, forward, send copies of your emails to others.
    Searching the Web
    • netECHO also allows you to search for specific information available on the Internet, without the need of a computer.  Using your own voice, via any phone, you can access favorite Web-based search engine to retrieve valuable information. Once located, netECHO’s intelligent agent “reads-out” the information in a pleasant voice.
    • netECHO enables you to communicate with your friends, by sending voicemail messages over the Web.  This allows you to reach people who may not have voicemail access or answering machines, while also avoiding the cost of long distance phone calls. 
    Popular Services
    • netECHO also provides direct access to important services like news, stock quotes, horoscopes, religion, weather reports, etc. 
How does it work?
  • You simply dial the provided toll-free number, provide a personal identification number (PIN), and netECHO connects you to the Internet. You can browse the web, surf the net, send and receive emails, using voice commands, anytime, anywhere, using an ordinary phone.
Do I need to buy any special device, such as a cell phone or PDA in order to use netECHO?
  • You do not need any special device. You can use any phone, including cell phones and PDAs. 
Do I need to connect to an ISP in order to use netECHO?
  • No, you do not need another ISP connection to use our service.  We will provide you a toll free number to use our service from anywhere in U.S. and Canada. 
Do I need to "train" the netECHO service to understand my particular voice?
  • No, netECHO recognizes any voice, including your own, from the instant you start using the netECHO. 
Are you another Voice Portal?
  • No, we are not a voice portal. Voice portal companies provide limited information such as news, weather, stock quotes, horoscope, etc., from their own database, that they regularly maintain and update. In other words, voice portal companies do not provide you true Internet access over phone. This means that you cannot surf, search, send email or do e-commerce using a Voice Portal Service. Besides, only limited choices are available with voice portals. For example, you can get today’s news by dialing a voice portal, but not the news from the site of your choice, e.g. BBC, CNN, ABC, or may be a news site in some other country. So you see, your choice is limited. You know the difference now! Call us, we will be happy to tell you more about it. 
I would like to voice-enable my web site so that my customers can access my web site over voice command. Do I need to rewrite my web site using VXML or WML? 
  • No, our technology does not require any VXML or WAP page. It can read any page written in HTML or XML, convert text-to-speech, send and receive email using voice commands, browse the web, perform stock trades and other commercial transactions anytime, anywhere, using an ordinary phone. It can also read existing VXML or WML sites.
How do you voice-enable my website?
  • The key word is automation. Our technology, which is based on artificial intelligence is powerful enough to read any website regardless whether it is written in HTML, VXML, WML or any other language. At the same time it performs the text-to-speech conversion. 
That’s great! How about voice portals?
  • Yes, that’s great news for voice portal companies too. They can easily automate the voice portal creation. They can download any information from the website whether it is the current news, weather conditions or latest stock quotes. No need to rewrite/upgrade the contents using VXML, which is not only expensive but also takes time.
So, you say you can automatically voice enable my website. How you propose to host it?
  • The choice is yours. We can provide you the technology that could be plugged in with your existing web site from another server, either remotely using a third party hosting company, or you can host at your own facility. 
So, you say you can automatically voice-enable my website. How long does it take to voice-enable?
  • It can take 1 to 14 days depending on the level of customization you would like to do. Customization is needed for special “dialog design” or “form filling”.
How about the platform?
  • This technology is suitable for any platform and can be made available on the platform of your choice.
How about voice based e-commerce or m-commerce?
  • This technology can be customized to handle any e-commerce or m-commerce. For example, users can perform online form submission, get answers to their queries, give credit card information that is reliable and secured, make online bill payments, get access to the bank account exactly the same way they usually do with a visual browser. 
Can this system be used to connect my company's existing back end applications, such as ERP/CRM/SCM, etc., or intranet, or extranet?
  • Yes, this can be plugged in with any applications including intranet and extranet. 
How do you provide Audio Internet Service and Technology?
  • We have both B2C and B2B models for our technology. At present we offer our audio ISP services directly to our consumers. However, our principal strategy for rapid expansion in the B2C market place is to provide the audio Internet services through ISPs, Phone companies and VARs. We have developed a very cost effective business model for ISPs that would provide tremendous competitive advantage for them. Now ISPs can provide this value added service to their customers for a nominal fee. The same service can be offered through wireless companies or phone companies that are looking to add value and differentiation to their existing products and services.
OK, what about your B2B business model?
  • The application of this technology in the business world is enormous.  There are many areas this technology could be used. Following are some of the areas. 
  • Several vertical market segments such as Utility companies, Banks, Insurance companies that have a large customer base and wish to voice enable some applications such as paying bills, having insurance quotes, accessing account information, etc., over the phone. 
  • Automate Voice Enabling: Both businesses that wish to expand access to their existing Web sites to customers who call in on an ordinary phone as well as corporations that want to offer voice-based access to busy executives, sales professionals, etc., to retrieve and enter information on their intranet sites. This also includes ASPs.
  • Automate Voice Portal Creation: Companies that are interested in creating content dynamically using the Internet as the primary source rather than creating and maintaining their own content. 
  • Companies that are implementing CRM with combination of call center automation.
  • E-Commerce, B2B portal and other companies such as companies that are  involved in auctions and reauctions, stock trading, on-line banking, etc. 
  • Software Companies that provide software solutions, customized solutions, or have their own software product. These companies could add value to their services by voice-enabling their products and services. 
Sounds great! Can I be your partner? Do you have a partnership program?
  • Yes, we do have partnership program. Without partners like you, how can we grow our business? There are three different levels of partnership program. Please visit the Partners page for details.

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