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Give Your Web Site a Voice - New Enabling Technology from Internet Speech Offers Phone Access to Your Company Web Site

InternetSpeech's business-to-business technology lets your customers interact with your Web site, from any phone, without a computer.
You've already invested in your Web site. Why not extend its accessibility to anyone with a telephone - not just those with traditional computer-based Internet access? InternetSpeech's customized (private label) software will make your Web site content available to callers who like using simple voice commands to get the information they want, or who may not have access to a computer.

Build customer loyalty and save by making it easy for your customers to gather information, and conduct transactions.
Your customers can receive product and pricing information, check order or account status, purchase products, obtain product support, etc - using their own voice.

Your customers are increasingly busy, and value the quick, self-service access a Web site makes available seven days a week, 24 hours a day. And, as more and more customers prefer to "talk and listen" rather than "point and click", it just makes sense to do business in a way they prefer.

InternetSpeech's technology is faster and cheaper than existing alternatives.
Today, only the largest of companies are making the Web sites telephone-accessible because existing technology requires a manual, costly and time-consuming process to re-write of each Web page and make it voice-enabled. With InternetSpeech, your existing Web pages are used, allowing you to leverage your Web investment. The software dynamically converts existing pages into audio format, significantly lowering the up-front investment a business must make to allow users to hear and interact with their Web site by phone.

Maintenance costs are also lower because InternetSpeech automatically updates the information in audio format as it is being changed on a company's Web site.

If you would like to learn more about how InternetSpeech can help give your Web site a voice, contact InternetSpeech at 1-877-312-4638.

InternetSpeech develops, markets and supports an Audio Internet Browser, netECHO™, which provides audio-based telephone access to the Internet for businesses and individuals.

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