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Standards Bodies, Consortium and Research Institutes


RiOS Institute works to bring the benefits of new technologies to underserved people. It uses the tools of social science and design to create meaningful and sustained ICTD projects. RiOS work informs and enables innovators and decision-makers to create active collaborations.

RiOS Vision: "We envision a world where social and technological development projects make a meaningful difference in the lives of their recipients, and thrive long after their originators are gone".


The Alliance responds to the need and demand for an inclusive global forum and platform for cross-sectoral policy dialogue on the use of ICT for enhancing the achievement of internationally agreed development goals, notably reduction of poverty.

The Global Alliance for Information and Communication Technologies and Development (GAID), an initiative approved by the United Nations Secretary-General in 2006, was launched after comprehensive worldwide consultations with governments, the private sector, civil society, the technical and Internet communities and academia. Recognizing that no single actor is capable of achieving the MDGs in isolation, the creation of an open and inclusive platform that can broaden the dialogue on innovative ways of harnessing ICT for advancing development is crucial. The Global Alliance is a direct response to this need. With its multi-stakeholder approach, the Alliance reaffirms the belief that a people-centered and knowledge-based information society is essential for achieving better life for all.

VoiceXML -

The VoiceXML Forum is an industry organization founded by AT&T, IBM, Lucent and Motorola, and chartered with establishing and promoting the Voice extensible Language (VoiceXML), a new standard essential to making Internet content and information accessible via voice and phone.

With the backing and technology contributions of its four world-class founders, and the support of leading Internet industry players, the VoiceXML Forum is uniquely positioned to make speech-enables applications on the Internet a near-term reality.

Java SIG -

New York Java Special Interest Group (NYJavaSIG) is based in Manhattan and headquartered in the city's famed financial district. Through its regular meetings and its website, the SIG brings together members of New York's Java community so they can share their tips, techniques, knowledge, and experience.

The NYJavaSIG was founded in 1995 and has over 1400 members. As many as 400 members attend the SIG's regular meetings to hear the latest about Java from innovative developers and industry leaders.

The SIG meets approximately once a month, usually (but not always) at Sun Microsystem's downtown NYC office. We welcome developers, managers, webmasters, new media artists, and anyone else with an interest in Java.

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