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TecAccess - TecAccess

TecAccess is a trusted, world-class provider of accessibility consulting solutions. TecAccess focus on the unique needs of business and how to protect organizations by reducing its risks, while at the same time maximizing value and ROI based on crucial accessibility initiatives.


OCCAM, a UN affiliated Agency to fight poverty and promote development in the developing world.

BluMail - BluMail

BluMail is a global email, content, action and new portal for youth and others who are coming online in developing countries. BluMail is led by a coalition of global NGOs, United Nations organizations, foundations, and technology firms.


MIMOS pursues exploratory and industry-driven applied research through multi-stakeholder smart partnerships with universities, research institutes, Government and industries with a focus on frontier technologies. MIMOSí applied research areas, based on real-world trends are cyberspace security, encryption systems, grid computing, communication technologies, Microsystems & MEMS, advanced informatics, knowledge technology and micro energy.
MIMOS is the recipient of Frost & Sullivanís Growth Excellence Award 2007 for Industry Innovation & Advancement (Precision Agriculture) for its application and development of Micro Electro Mechanical System (MEMS) in the field of precision agriculture.

Knowaysys - Knowaysys

KNOWAYSYS is fast emerging as a leading IT Products and Services provider focusing in the Global Market. - SasQuatch

Leading Internet Service Provider Located in Santa Cruz, California.

iWebTalk - iwebtalk

Unleash the power of the Internet with the sound of your voice.

Camelot Communication -

Camelot Communication is a leading company providing various telecommunication services including long distance, prepaid and postpaid services.

NetByVoice -

NetByVoice is a leading company providing various solutions to Visually Impaired people.

Freedom Scientific -

Freedom Scientific is a leading company providing various solutions to Blind and Low Vision markets.

Komatsu Computers -

Komatsu Computers is a leading company providing various computer and Internet services.

Information Services Network -

First online Internet service provider in Bangladesh.

Alpha Networks -

An ISP and publishing company.

Tata Consultancy Services -

Tata Consultancy Services (TCS), a division of Tata Sons Limited, is Asia's largest global software solutions and consulting services enterprise. The company has over 800 global clients including seven of the U.S. Fortune 10 companies. Its clients include companies such as American Express, AIG, Boeing, Citibank, Dell Computer Corporation, General Electric, Hewlett-Packard, Kellogg's, Lucent Technologies and Nike among others. TCS has 22 Global Development Centres, 13 of which are assessed at SEI-CMM Level 5 - the highest number in the world. TCS has established the Tata Research Development and Design Centre (TRDDC) in Pune, Maharashtra, which is dedicated to software research and development and is the only one of its kind in Asia. The company's Web site can be found at

Q -

Q Comm International, Inc. (OTCBB: QCCM) is a leading prepaid wireless technology and information services company. Under its Qxpressô brand, Q Comm produces hardware and software systems that enable prepaid wireless and other carriers to electronically deliver their products and services to retail points of sale. Q Comm offers turnkey point-of-sale solutions by bundling its hardware and software with data center management, systems integration, and consulting services. Q Comm solutions are scalable and enable retailers to sell multiple products from multiple carriers. This scalability enables Q Comm and its partner retailers, agents, and carriers to quickly grow sales at relatively little additional overhead, increasing profitability among all parties. Q Commís products also reduce or eliminate inventory costs, out-of-stocks, and theft, while providing premier reporting and inventory management for all parties in the distribution chain of prepaid services. For its industry innovation and leadership, Q Comm has been selected as one of the "Top 10 Companies to Watch" by Intele-Card News, the leading prepaid telecom publication in the United States. www.QComm, or call (800) 626-9941, ext. 3301. -

Preferred Voice, Inc. (OTC BB: PFVI), is a Texas based leading voice recognition technology company. Through its Carrier Services Group, Preferred Voice markets its products and services to wireless, ILEC and CLEC companies across the United States. These enhanced voice services include Safety Talk voice activated dialing, voicemail navigation, VAC voice accessed content, voice calling cards, BusinessConnect voice directory assistance and EmmaPR voice telephone receptionist. Preferred Voice's Network Services Group provides carrier connectivity, call management, provisioning and service delivery solutions for carriers, voice portal providers, wireless application providers and other enhanced features providers. Preferred Voice has signed agreements with 43 telecom carriers. These telecom carriers serve more than 5.5 million subscriber lines in 35 states. For more information please visit -, Inc. is a Spanish and English language Internet Service Provider (ISP) based in Puerto Rico, providing businesses and individual customers with both paid and free access to the Internet, while offering online advertisers an effective way to target the free individual users., Inc., offers individual users a simple and compelling proposition of free and unlimited Internet access as well as free e-mail and navigational tools to enhance their online experience. For advertisers, offers a powerful online direct marketing tool with features and functionality that have distinct advantages over traditional forms of online advertising.

Enigma Digital Concepts -

ENIGMA DIGITAL CONCEPTS, since its inception in 1994, has been empowering businesses through innovative IT solutions designed to meet your every business need. Be it solutions designed to support your marketing, customer relations, manufacturing, learning, training, knowledge management, product simulations or e-management - we design and implement the PERFECT tailor-made applications and solutions for you. We understand the demands of innovative solutions and create a synergy between users and business requirements. So, there are no limitations in the way we see your business and the way you intend to carry it out! Our IT solutions are very flexible and in perfect sync with your requirements and infrastructure, helping you harness and capitalize on costs while empowering your customers to do business with you - with greater ease and comfort. With InternetSpeech, we intend to bridge the Digital and Language divide and further strengthen our endeavour in empowering business solutions. ENIGMA DIGITAL CONCEPTS is headquartered in Bangalore, India. For more information, visit or call 91-80-8476 984/85.

YourMobile -

YourMobile Networks (YMN) supplies the wireless entertainment content, distribution, and global network of users that powers the continuing growth of the World wide wireless industry. YMN and its sister company, Premium Wireless Services (PWS), provides turn-key solutions for network operators, mobile device manufacturers, and media companies seeking to satisfy the exponential demand for wireless entertainment products and services. YMN, offers highly-targeted, international and local advertising and promotional opportunities to mobile entertainment consumers. The company is headquartered in Santa Monica, Calif., with representatives in London, Sydney, Tel Aviv and Finland.

NeTrue Communications -

NeTrue Communications Inc. (NTU.U: CDNX) is a leading provider of intelligent, software-driven network management solutions for next-generation, IP-based communications networks. NeTrue Vipersat Networks is a Satellite Network Solutions provider for private enterprise and public Internet applications utilizing advanced IP technology to support high quality switched multi-media wireless communications.

TranslationWave -

TranslationWave is a globalization company that transforms the Internet into a truly universal platform of communication. By providing an economical medium for foreign exposure, globalization and multilingual communication, the Company prepares websites and businesses for emerging markets. Our translation technology suite includes the following products and services: *Dynamic and Static Translation of: real-time email, database, PC-based software applications, text, chat room and website

Integrated Opportunities -

Integrated Opportunities works with user-owned utilities to provide technology, knowledge and communication-based solutions that foster economic development in the rural and outlying areas of the United States. Integrated Opportunities seeks and develops opportunities for Rural Electric Cooperatives and Municipal Power Authorities to offer value-added services that grow their revenue stream, and help sustain an area's economic vitality. The Oklahoma City, OK-based company is currently working with Media Fusion to provide broadband communication services via existing powerlines.

Utilizing's unique netECHO product, Integrated Opportunities will offer audio Internet access to Rural Electric Cooperatives (RECs) and Municipal Power Authorities (MPAs) throughout the nation. Today, these user-owned utilities serve more than 30 million consumers, and Integrated Opportunities has existing agreements to serve one million of these customers.

For more information about Integrated Opportunities, visit, or call 405-606-2000.

Selectica -

The Leading Internet Selling System for e-Business

Selectica ISS was the first browser-based Internet Selling System to operate seamlessly over intranets, extranets, the Internet and untethered systems, allowing companies to reach customers worldwide on the broadest range of platforms.

Today the Selectica ISS is the e-Business solution of choice for the largest B2B and B2C sites. Leading companies including BMW, Cisco Systems, Dell Computer, Fireman's Fund Insurance and Hewlett-Packard have chosen our ISS to power their mission-critical, multi-channel sales efforts.

Utilizing InternetSpeech's unique netECHO technology, Selectica will offer Voice Based access to its key offerings.

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