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Lava2140 and InternetSpeech to Collaborate on Voice-Based Access to Wireless Content


LOS ANGELES - April 4, 2001 - Lava2140, a wireless solutions provider that makes remote access to information a reality, and InternetSpeech, a leading voice Internet technology provider, today announced a development agreement that will give users a voice-based access option for receiving and sending information through wireless devices. By incorporating InternetSpeech's netECHO™ voice Internet technology into Lava2140's suite of SMS- and WAP-based applications, consumers will be able to connect to information either through their wireless device keypad or via their own voice. This capability also allows users who are not yet equipped with data-capable or browser-equipped phones access to content on the Internet.

"Accessing wireless data through a handset or other device can be a time-consuming and frustrating experience," commented Linh Tang, CEO of Lava2140. "We want to give end users the option to access our wireless applications as efficiently as possible. Giving wireless users both keystroke and voice-based access to information helps streamline the current complexity of wireless device applications, which will make it easier for a broader market of potential users to understand and use the technology."

"Our netECHO voice Internet software was developed to make it easier for wireless device users to receive the types of data and applications that Lava2140 delivers," said Dr. Emdad Khan, president and CEO of InternetSpeech. "Our collaboration with Lava2140 is significant because wireless carriers can now offer end users direct voice access to critical corporate and personal data, simply by talking into their cell phone or by using a mobile device. We are excited about working with Lava2140 and providing voice Internet capability for the wireless infrastructure.

The companies announced the partnership at ISPCON, a trade show and conference dedicated to Internet service providers, being held April 4-6 at the Baltimore Convention Center in Baltimore, Maryland.

About Lava2140:
Lava2140, (, founded in 1998, develops wireless data solutions that allow carriers, enterprises, and web-based ventures to deliver 2-way data applications, enterprise-based information, and personalized Internet services to any mobile communications device worldwide. Lava2140 offers a secure solution that helps carriers and content providers increase their average revenues per unit and subscriber. Lava2140's product mix consists of applications for two-way data delivery, e-mail, instant messaging, includes private label wireless banking, portal, secure m-commerce applications, Customer Retention Management (CRM), and Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP). Lava's software is based on an extensible and flexible architecture, resulting in solutions that are not limited to specific devices and platforms. In deployments on GSM and TDMA networks, Lava's solutions have proven reliable, cost-effective, and easy to implement.

About InternetSpeech:
InternetSpeech, ( a privately held company headquartered in San Jose, Calif., develops, markets and supports an Audio Internet Browser, netECHO™, which provides audio-based telephone access to the Internet for businesses and individuals. The company's patent-pending technology can be bundled with other products, such as traditional computer-based Internet access, or voice mail, and can be customized to meet individual business needs, such as employee access to Intranet sites. InternetSpeech also offers business software that automates the process of voice-enabling a company's Web site, furthering development of the "voice Web."

InternetSpeech launched its netECHO™ business and consumer product nationwide in August 2000 and November 2000, respectively.

netECHO is a registered trademark of InternetSpeech.

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